How to add staff information in openSIS Student Information System

Add a Staff Record

In openSIS, an Administrator can add a Staff record by clicking on the + sign of the "quick create"  feature at the upper right corner of the screen.

You can also navigate to Menu >> Staff >> Staff List, and create staff by clicking on '+ Add New Staff'. You can also upload multiple staff records from a spreadsheet template by clicking on the down arrow key and selecting the 'Import Staff' option. Once selected you will be redirected to a page where you can download a template of the staff master record, fill it out and upload it to the system. You will be prompted to review the automatic mapping of the fields and once approved, all the staff records will be imported from the spreadsheet in one click.

When you click on '+ Add New Staff' you get redirected to a page where you can add details of the staff like-

  1. General Information
  2. School Information
  3. Address & Contact
  4. Certification Information
  5. Course schedule

Start with adding the official Information under the school information of the staff member.

In official information, you can fill in:
  • Job Title
  • Joining Date
  • End Date
  • Grade Levels Taught
  • Other Grade Levels Taught 
  • Primary Subject
  • School Information ( the values will be filled with pre-filled data of the school. You can add another school by clicking on '+ Add School Info')

Click on the Address & Contact. By clicking the 'Edit Information' you can find the place to fill in your information.

Here you need to fill out forms like: 

  1. Personal Contact Information ( this will contain all personal contact information of the staff member)
  2. Home Address ( this should contain the home address of the staff member)
  3. Mailing Address (If the home address and mailing address are the same clicks on the check box same as the home address otherwise you can fill in the details directly)
  4. Emergency Contact Information ( here you need to add the contact of anyone whom the school can contact in time of any emergency).

In personal information, you need to fill in information like home phone, mobile phone, office phone, personal phone, etc. as shown below.

Add the home address of the staff member like a street address, country, state, and city as shown below.

If the home address and mailing address are the same clicks on the check box the same as the home address otherwise you can fill in the different mailing address details.

In the emergency contact information, add the contact of anyone whom the school can contact in time of any emergency.

To add the Certification information of the staff by clicking on '+ Add New Certification'.

By clicking on '+ Add New Certification' a popup field will appear where you can add:

  1. Certificate Name
  2. Certificate Short Name
  3. Certification Code
  4. Primary Certification Indicator
  5. Certification Date
  6. Certification Expiry Date
  7. Certification Description

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