Manage Student Address and Contact Information in openSIS Student Information System

Add Address and Contact Under Student Information

In this section, the User can add the address details of the Student. You can find it just beneath the student information sub-menu.

Menu >> Student >> Student Information >> Address & Contact

Here you get a few sections with different fields starting with Student Home Address. 

In this section, you need to fill in the student's home address like -

  • Street Address 
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Zip Code
  • Bus no.
  • Bus pickup location and drop-off location

Then you also get the option of adding a student mailing address. You can either choose the address to be the same as the Home Address or can add another Address manually if any. 

At the bottom is the student's Personal Contact Information section. In this section, you can add the student's contacts and social media handles and then click Submit to save.

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