How to add parent, guardian, and family information in openSIS Student Information System

Add Family Information Under Student Information

In this section,  you will find the place to add family information. To add contact click on '+ Add Contact' for secondary contact click on '+ Add Secondary Contact'. Also by clicking on '+ Add Other Contacts' you can add more contacts.

When clicked on one of the above you will find a popup with the fields like:
  1. Salutation
  2. First Name
  3. Middle Name
  4. Last/ Family Name
  5. Suffix
  6. Contact Relationship
  7. Custody of Students ( Yes/ No)

Remember if the custody of the student is set to "no", the that parent will not see the student's address information in the parent portal

Using the 'pen' icon you can now edit the contacts of the family members. 

Using this icon here you can delete a contact.

Besides the Contact tab is the Sibling Info tab user can add Sibling Information by clicking on '+ Add Sibling

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