Add Mental Health Info

Add Mental Health Info

Mental health information displayed to students has become a necessity for schools. openSIS allows an administrator to quickly add such information and display it on the school portal.

Mental Health Info will show on the Dashboard as soon as the user login into the site.

Navigate to School >> Mental Health Info >> Add New

To provide mental health Info click on '+ Add New' a new Mental health setup page will Popup

Menu bar >>  school >> Mental health Info>> Add New

After clicking on '+ Add New' a popup page will appear to add Mental health info

Here you need to enter -

  1. Add 'Title' 
  2. Add 'Body'
  3. Add 'Sort order'
  4. Select 'Visible To Profile' from the option given below
  5. Click 'Submit' to publish the mental health info on the dashboard

You can publish this for Students only by checking visible to Student 

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