How to manage school notices openSIS Student Information System

School Notices

Notices allow you to create a school notice that will be displayed on the Dashboard.

Menu >> School >> Notices

When you select the 'Current' tab on the top right corner you can see the current active notices listed below.

When you select the 'Upcoming' tab on the top right corner you can see the upcoming date's notices listed below.

When you select the 'Past' tab on the top right corner you can see the past date's notices listed below.

To start with creating a notice click on '+ Add Notice' and a popup notice setup page will appear.

You can add a new notice by clicking on the '+ Add Notice' sign. In the left-hand corner, you find 'Current' 'Upcoming' and 'Past' notices.

Menu bar >> Notice >> Add Notice >> Notice Setup Form

After clicking on '+ Add Notices' a popup page will appear to add notices.
Here you will need to add -
  1. Add 'Title' of the notice
  2. Add the body of the notice
  3. Add the From and To dates - these dates let you control the visibility of a notice by date
  4. Give sorting order to your notice
  5. Click on 'Visible to All School' if you want this to be visible for all schools within your account.

You can select 'Visible To Profile' from the options below to target a particular notice to a particular audience.

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