How to add and enroll Students in openSIS Student Information System

Add Student General Information

New students can be added in three ways in openSIS.

1. From Dashboard by clicking ' + icon' from the top-right corner. 

2. Clicking on the '+ Add New' button on top of the student list view

3. Clicking on the drop-down arrow key of the +Add New button will provide an option to import students via Excel sheet.


If you click on +Add New student, you will get the student data entry form with the following categories:
  1. General Information
  2. Enrollment Information
  3. Address & Contact Information
  4. Family Information
  5. Medical Information
  7. Documents
  8. Special Category, if any. 

Start with General Information. You can add only the first and last name and click on Save & Next to go to the enrollment section. The mandatory fields have been kept to the minimum to assist in rapid student data entry.

To grant portal access to a student, slide the toggle switch to the on position. 

The email address entry field will open up. Enter the address and save.

After saving the student record, you will see an option to send an email to set a password. When clicked, the student will get a link to create the password. Once the password is set, the student will be able to use the email address and the password to log in to the student portal.

Next, continue to add the Enrollment Information of the Student

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