Gradebook Configuration

Gradebook Configuration

General Setting:

Before entering any assignments or giving grades a teacher has to set their own configuration choices that are used in the gradebook grades calculation and final grades. This setup varies with different course section. To configure the grade book, navigate to course section and click on the Gradebook Configuration tab.
  1. If you want to weight the grades based on assignment categories, check the Weight Grades box. When creating assignments the system will allow you to enter assignment categories and weight them.
  2. If you check the Assigned date defaults to today box, all assignments you create will automatically default to today's date. You can change it to any future date if you want.
  3. If you check the Due date defaults to today box, all assignment due dates will automatically default to today's date. You can change it to any future date.

Score Rounding:

  1. Up - When Up is selected, the grade will always round the decimals to the nearest greater integer. Example, 59.25 will become 60 or 53.67 will become 54.
  2. Down – When Down is selected, the grade will always round the decimals to the nearest lower integer. Example, 59.65 will become 59 or 53.15 will become 53.
  3. Normal – This is the regular rounding as we know, i.e. anything equal to or above .5 is rounded upwards and anything below .5 is rounded downwards to an integer without any decimals. Example, 53.67 will become 54 or 53.49 will become 53.
  4. None – When none is selected, scores do not appear in any rounded integer. It keeps the grade accurate including the decimal points, i.e. no rounding of the integer takes place. Example, for 59.25 it shall remain as it is.

Assignment Sorting:

Select one radio button value so as to display the assignments in the respective order in the gradebook assignments.

openSIS enables a teacher to enter grades more than the assignment total points which gets stored under the Anomalous Grades feature. When a teacher grades a student with additive points for being exceptionally well-performing in the class, openSIS notes such grades and highlights it in red. When the grades appear in red, it helps teacher to verify whether the grades have been entered erroneously and can make changes to the grades.

In the box below enter the maximum percentage of the assignment total that can be allowed as an anomalous grade entry (meaning more than the total).

When a teacher sets up an assignment and does not grade it, that ungraded assignment does not show on the gradebook. However, a teacher can opt to show these ungraded assignments in the Student and Parent portal immediately so that student and parent are aware of the upcoming assignments. This form captures the number of days the system waits before showing the ungraded assignments. Enter a zero to show it immediately.

Final Grading Percentage:

A Report Card displays the final grades that are fetched for every marking period based on the grade book grades. The report may vary depending on the final grading percentages that are set in the configuration setup (Dashboard >> Select Course >>Gradebook Configuration).

Let's say we set the final grading percentages in the following ratio.
  1. Quarter 1 = Quarter 1 Gradebook Grades (100%) = 100%
  2. Quarter 2 = Quarter 2 Gradebook Grades (100%) = 100% 
  3. Quarter 3 = Quarter 3 Gradebook Grades (100%) = 100% 
  4. Quarter 4 = Quarter 4 Gradebook Grades (100%) = 100% 
  5. Semester 1 = Quarter 1 (50%) + Quarter 2 (50%)  = 100%
  6. Semester 2 = Quarter 3 (50%) + Quarter 4 (50%)  = 100%
  7. Full Year = Semester 1 (50%) + Semester 2 (50%) = 100%

Now, after the grades are entered with respect to all assignments and the exam in a quarter, the final grades are generated by clicking on the Get Gradebook Grades switch which fetches the total of the Gradebook Grades based on the assignment's total weighted or non-weighted grades method and manually entered Exam precents. 

Quarter 1 Gradebook Grades = 83.33%
Quarter 2 Gradebook Grades = 86.40%

Semester 1 = 50% of Quarter 1 final grades (83.33 %) + 50% of Quarter 2 final grades ( 86.40% )
Semester 1 Gradebook Grades = 41.66 +43.20 = 84.86%

Similarly, then Quarter 3, 4 & Semester 2 final grades are fetched - 80%, 91.33% & 85.66% respectively.

Now, Full Year final grades fetched is 85.26%, i.e.
Full Year = 50% of Semester 1 (42.43%) + 50% of Semester 2 (42.83%)
or, Full Year = 42.43% + 42.83%
or, Full Year = 85.26% 

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