How to add parent or guardian information and associate it with students in openSIS Student Information System

Add a Parent/Guardian record

To add a parent or a guardian's record, select a student record and click on the Family Info tab. The system will prompt you to add a primary contact as given below:

Click on + Add Primary Contact and fill out the form.

When you select the Custody of the student to 'Yes' the system will show you an icon denoting that the parent has custody. If a parent is entered with no custody, then the system will not allow that parent to view the student's address information.

By turning on the Portal Access switch you can allow the parent to login to the parent portal. You can send an email invitation to set a password for the portal or create a temporary password.

You can also link an existing parent with a student. Click on the + Primary Contact or the + Add Other Contact button and on the form, you will be able to enter key identifiers to search and link a user as a parent.

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