How to manage School Level data in openSIS Student Information System

How to Add School Level under List of Value in settings

A list of values or LOV is a common value that is used in different data entry screens and is shown in a dropdown list for selection. Different schools in different countries might need to adjust these values based on their requirements so the system allows an administrator to add/edit these values.

To add School Level, navigate to:

Menu Bar >> Settings >> List of Values

There are four school levels that are created as system default that cannot be edited or deleted.

To create a new school level, click '+ Add School Level'.

Fill in the name of the School Level and click Submit

Once saved, the data will look like this:

Note: The system shows the name of the person who created a record and also the name and date when a record was updated.

If a value is assigned to a record, that value cannot be deleted. Only the name can be edited.