Create custom fields for Staff user

Create custom fields for Staff user

To add staff custom fields you can navigate to the settings on the menu bar and find the staff on top. 

Menu Bar >> Settings >> Staff

When you enter the Staff fields section you will find some pre-populated fields that are necessary. You can use it as-is or customize them according to your school by removing and adding any value or sections. 

Clicking on the '+Add New Category'. 

When you add a new category you will get a popup page where you will need to add details like- 

  • Category Title 
  • Sort order

and submit.

After you have added a category you can start editing or adding new values of the fields in it.

Click '+Add New Field' 

In this area add -

  • Field name
  • Field Type
  • Default (if any)
  • Turn on or off required, hide, and system-wide toggle so that the requirement can be visible with the field.

Press submit.

You can repeat the same steps to create more fields.

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