How to Create Gradebook Assignments in a Scheduled Course in openSIS Student Information System.

How to Create Gradebook Assignments in a Scheduled Course

A teacher can create gradebook assignment for a scheduled course by following the navigation below:

Menu >> Course >>My class >> Assignment


Dashboard >> Today's class/All classes >> Course >> Assignments

Make sure the Assignment Types add up to 100%. 

By clicking on the 3 dots icon/ hamburger menu, you will get the option to edit or delete an assignment type.

If there are no assignment types created, click on the + Create Assignment Type.

After clicking on the button you will get a popup section where you will need to add the following information.

  1. Title of the assignment type
  1. Weight percent ( please make sure that all your assignment for the chosen course should have a total of 100% weight)

Then click 'Submit' to create.

After you are done with creating your assignment type you can now create an assignment. Start by choosing the assignment type from the list on the left-hand side then click on '+ Create Assignment'. 

When you click you will get another popup section where you will need to add the following information to successfully create an assignment.

  1. Assignment title
  2. Assignment type
  3. Points
  4. Assigned date
  5. Due date 
  6. Description of the assignment

After you are done filling all the fields click Submit.

This is how the assignment will show.

  1. By clicking on the pen you can edit the assignment.
  2. By clicking on the bin icon to delete the assignment.
  3. When clicked on the page icon you will be able to copy the assignment to the other sections of the course if you have any.

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