How to setup and manage user profiles in openSIS Student Information System

How to Manage User Profiles and Permissions

Access to the system is controlled by Role Based Access Control a.k.a. RBAC. The person signing up for the account in openSIS automatically becomes the default Super Administrator in the system.

To start with, there are seven different Profiles with meaningful systems access are provided. The Super Administrator has access to all menus and submenus and all functionalities of the system.

Super Administrator can create a school administrator and provide that individual with add/edit capabilities. 

The difference between a Super Administrator and a School Administrator is that a school administrator has access to one or more schools to which he/she has been granted permission. Super Administrator on the other hand has access to all the schools within the account.

Clicking on the down arrow key on the extreme right of the main menu name will show the sub-menu access as given below:

Click on each of the Profiles and inspect the View-Edit capability. You can turn off access using the toggle switch. Remember to click Update after making changes.

Student and Parent profiles are designed as view only. A parent can change the address and the last name. Therefore, most of the editing options are disabled by the system and cannot be turned on.

Staff with Homeroom Teacher profiles can add Effort Grades for students during final grade entry in a marking period.

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