Input Final Grades for Report Card in openSIS Student Information System

Input Final Grades for Report Card

Login as a teacher and from the dashboard select the course for which you want to input final grades.
Click on the course card and the course details with multiple tabs will open.

Click on the Grades tab and select Input Final Grades.

Select the appropriate Marking Period.

If you have been giving assignments and grading them, then you can click the Get Gradebook Grades button. The system will fetch the gradebook grades and calculate it properly based on weightage (if it is configured). You can choose between letter grade or percentage grade by sliding the toggle switch. 

You will notice that the Credit Hour column is prepopulated and is in editable mode. This means that you can adjust the credit hours for students in a course. There are cases when you might not want to award the full credit hour to a student and for those cases, you can edit the hour.

You can add predefined comments for the course or add your own comments. Once completed, click the Submit button to finalize the grades. These grades will show up on the report card and finally on the transcript.

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