Get familiar with openSIS navigation, icons, and buttons

Navigation icons and buttons

  • Throughout openSIS you will find a Search bar where you search for data and click on the 'magnifying glass ' to start the search. 

  • For advanced, search click on this icon.

  • When you click on the Excel sheet logo you can export the data into excel.

  • When you click on the lines you can get options you can select and deselect fields. 

  • You can click on this icon to log in as the student (impersonate) to the student portal and see what the student is seeing.

  • By clicking on this icon you can see data input/edit information. 

  • At the bottom of the screen on the left corner, by clicking on the down arrow beside the number here you can increase or decrease the number of rows that can be shown on a single page.

  • At the bottom beside you get the page navigation buttons, by clicking  '|<' you will be navigated to the first-ever page, by clicking '<' you will go back by one page, by clicking '>' you will go forward by one page and, by clicking '>|' you will be navigated to the most last page. 
  • By selecting the course on the student information page you will find scheduled courses, on the page, you can switch on the toggle to show dropped courses if you want or keep it off if you only need the current course details.

  • When you click on the three dots or hamburger menu will provide additional functionalities depending on the screen you are at.

  • By clicking on the pen you can edit information.

  •  By clicking on the bin you can delete information.

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